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Heel Ease

Heel Ease

Made with natural and essential ingredients that work to not only hydrate dry and cracked skin but work together to stimulate natural collagen growth. Works on contact to reduce inflamed and irritated skin all while a natural extract functions as a antibacterial and anti fungal additive. Application: Apply to cracked heel or dry area once every 2 days for soft and hydrated skin.


1 oz: $6.00

Tattoo Butter label

Tattoo Butter

Tattoo Butter will speed healing while reducing or eliminating pain and itch associated with the healing process ofter receiving a tattoo. Tattoo Butter is naturally rich in viatmis A, E, and F along with other natural oils and minrales to help sooth, hydrate and accelerat wound healing. Relieves Itching, Reduce4s scaring, Reduces anflamation, Natural anti bacterial, superior moisturizer.


1 oz: $7.00
3 oz: $19.00


Baby Butter - It's a Girl label 

Baby Butter - It's a Boy label

Baby butter

Baby butter hydrates and moisturizes the skin to maintain elasticity through Pre-natal development. Stretch marks can be a result of rapid weight gain, hormone changes or growth spurts. Baby butter is formulated with oils and fragrances that promote advanced healing and aid the skin while maturing during pregnancy. Natural extracts and essential oils have been added to stimulate collagen growth and improve circulation, all without the use of preservatives, synthetic fragrances or dyes.


1 oz: $7.50
3 oz: $19.00

Pink-Chose Size

Blue-Chose Size

Grape Seed Oil Conditioner label

Grape Seed Conditioner

Hand crafted from start to finish our grape seed oil conditioner work to moisturize as well as treat hair loss. Grape seed oil has been used to improve hair follicles, condition as well as the hair haft. Hair that has been treated with Grape Seed Oil has shown that the shaft of the hair retains more moisture and helps to prevent damage. The hormone associated with hair loss, DHT, has shown to be inhibited by nearly 80% by the enzymes found in Grape Seed Oil like azelaic acid.


8 oz: $12.00

Aloe Vera Shampoo label

Aloe Vera Shampoo

100% Castile shampoo made with Aloe Vera Gel helps repair and strengthen hair follicle between growth cycles. Aloe Vera contains 75 nutrients, 18 amino acids and 12 kinds of vitamins. The gel from the aloe plant is used to sooth dry skin without the use of a medication. The shampoo heals from within by cleansing the pores and balancing ph in your scalp while Essential oils provide a natural essence while herbal additives provide your scalp with a natural alternative. Dandruff, irritated scalp and hair loss can be a result of using products with sulfates, dyes, or fragrances.


8 oz: $8.00

Baby Shampoo label

Baby shampoo

Made from a natural Castile shampoo paste this formula lathering baby shampoo is sulfate,dye,and fragrance free leaving you baby skin hydrated and moisturized without use of chemicals or preservatives that may irritate skin. Essential fragrances and oils have been add to scent and sooth making bath time healthy and enjoyable for baby.


8 oz: $7.00