Spa Membership Terms and Conditions

Monthly membership entitles you to earn Free Spa Dollars to be redeemed at 13 based on predetermined rate plans.

How does it work ?

Much like a gym membership you pay a gym to use their facilities. However with the 13 reward program we pay you to visit our salon. In other words Free Money !!! to try new treatments and products offered by 13.

Monthly Membership Rates
$25 … $7 Spa Dollars
$50 … $15 Spa Dollars
$75 … $23 Spa Dollars
$100 … $30 Spa Dollars

Account credits can be used on any of the services or products offered by 13. Get a pedicure each months with drinks paid for, or save you accumulated credits for a more in depth treatment like a massage with a portion paid for by the salon.

Terms and Conditions

A: Accumulated account credits can be redeemed for services rendered at 13 Nails & Salon and The Skin Loft Spa

1) Credits can be used for retail products

B: Unused account credits roll over into the following month.


January $50. 00 . . . $15 Spa Dollars
February $100.00 . . . $30 Spa Dollars

C: Account Credits

  1. Account credits may be used for services rendered to accommodate member and guest but not without the presence of Club Member.
  2. Account credits can not be transfer or merged with other existing accounts.
  3. Account credits may be issued into a gift card however Spa Dollars are not transferable.
  4. Account membership is subject to increase or decrease on a monthly basis but is still within the parameters of an annual agreement.
  5. At the point of annual renewal existing credits may be issued a Gift Card for in store credit. At No point will their be a monetary or credit card refund available
  6. Credits are not eligible for advance, if no credits are available at time of purchase member will be asked to cover overages for services rendered.

D: Spa Dollars are a complimentary insentive issued by 13 to reward Membership.

  1. Spa dollars are the first redeemable credits used on a members account.
  2. Spa dollars can not be us to purchase gift cards.
  3. Spa dollars are not redeemable for gratuity.

E: Cancellation

  1. Spa Dollars is an incentive program based upon an annual agreement, early termination will result in a forfeit of all accumulated credits.

F: Some coupons and promotions may exclude members however, bonus incentives may be eligible for club members only.

Terms and conditions are subject to change. All rights reserved by 13 and its subsidiaries.